One man's dream date is another woman's duck dystopia.

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer BryanE3 Chophouse Nashville Grand Opening Party
Credit: Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images for E3 Chophouse Nashville

We've all been there. We've all watched a TV series (or 20), compromised on our innermost dinnertime desires, or headed on a not-so-fun-for-us adventure for someone we love.

Thus, When Luke Bryan says with a smirk, "It's a big day in our marriage. We're going on a duck date," it's something we can all bemoan on behalf of his wife, Caroline Boyer Bryan. Clearly, Caroline wasn't as thrilled by the date's itinerary as her hubby Luke, captioning the short video of him with: "When he asked me to go on a date, didn't realize it would be hunting.....guess I'm going hunting today. And I love I might sabotage this hunt too."

Per Taste of Country's recap (presumably culled from Caroline's since-expired Instagram Stories), the couple's outing wasn't exactly a home run. At one point, the duo's Polaris gets stuck in the muck, with water up to the steering wheel nonetheless. "This date is going great," Caroline quips. Thankfully, the Bryan household is one of laughter — and plenty of pranks — so we're sure the couple took the flopped outing in stride. Or at least figured, hey, something to chuckle over once we get the mud washed off of ourselves.

Maybe the next time the two decide to plan some bonding time, they'll skip the hunting and just get straight to cooking together. (Speaking of cooking, we still can't stop laughing over this epic springtime spoof Caroline pulled of last year when she popped out of a kitchen cabinet to give her husband quite the scare.)

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Alas, it's safe to say venturing out on a duck hunt isn't for everybody. But if Caroline ever needs a pinch hitter to step in for quality time with LB, we hope she knows to call us.