The sun can be more damaging to the eyes than people realize.


We all know to protect our skin from the sun, but what about our eyes?

Camila Alves McConaughey learned the hard way the dangers UV rays can pose to our precious peepers. Now, the mother of three is using her experience to remind us all how important it is to protect our own eyes from the sun.

In a series of Instagram posts last week, the actress and model-who is married to Matthew McConaughey-shared images following surgery to repair sun damage to her eyes.

Camila Alves McConaughey
Credit: Rick Kern/Getty Images

"Had to have an eye surgery...I didn't take all the pain medicine and had to be awake for the surgery," she wrote alongside a photo of herself reclined in an ophthalmologist's chair. "Not laser so a bit more involved."

"Sending love and wear your sunglasses guys...wear your sunglasses!" McConaughey added.

The Brazilian-born Texan returned to Instagram the following day with a photo of herself rocking the "fashionable part" of eye recovery: big light-blocking goggles.  

"JUST REMEMBER to wear your sunglasses," she urged fans once again.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Annie Nguyen told Yahoo Life that the sun can be more damaging to the eyes than people realize.

"While light is needed for sight and provides some benefit to your sleep-wake cycle, certain types of light, particularly ultraviolet A (UV-A) and ultraviolet B (UV-B) light can cause significant damage to the eye over time if not guarded against," Nguyen explained. "Damage to the eyes may occur anywhere from the skin around the eyes to the deepest of the eyes called the retina. Sun damage to the eyes has a cumulative effect."

McConaughey's experience is an important reminder that sunglasses are so much more than an accessory.

"Choose sunglasses that provide 100 percent UV or UV400 protection, or block both UVA and UVB rays," Nugyen told Yahoo. "Consider wearing a broad-brimmed hat along with your sunglasses. Wear sunscreen on your face and don't forget your eyelids."

Be careful out there y'all, and remember to wear those sunglasses whenever you're outside.