Such Southern hospitality!

Busy Philips
Credit: Stefanie Keenan / Contributor/Getty Images

Parents tend to want to make their kids happy, whether that's violin lessons or the cartoon character birthday cake of their dreams, and that drive occasionally leads parents to some wacky situations. Case in point, over the weekend Busy Philipps found herself in a pickle when her daughter Cricket asked for a cake in the shape of Disney's Stitch for her 8th birthday. The actor, podcaster, author, and mom has been staying in Charleston, South Carolina, and the teddy bear cake pan she needed to make her daughter's special request birthday cake had gone missing and the replacement she ordered turned out to be a miniature version. In a fit of desperation and/or spark of genius, Philipps turned to Twitter with a plea.

"If you are in Charleston SC and have a full-size Wilton Stand up bear cake pan- can I borrow it to make my kid's birthday cake?" she tweeted out to her 398,000 followers. While Wilton offered to overnight a pan to the star, Southerners jumped into action, offering suggestions for copycat cakes without the pan, coming up with ideas to use the miniature cake pan, and searching their pantries and storage rooms for cake pans that would work.

The Dawson's Creek alum struck gold when journalist Chase Laudenslager, who works at Charleston's NBC affiliate WCBD, happened to see Philipps' posts. She told Today that she quickly realized that her mother had the coveted pan "just taking up space in our pantry for my entire life." She reached out to Philipps and called her mother to tell her to dig the cake pan out of the pantry.

Soon enough, Philipps was at Laudenslager's mom's home to borrow the cake pan. The kindness of strangers saved the day for Philipps, who transformed the teddy bear cake into an excellent facsimile of the adorable alien Stitch from the animated film, Lilo and Stitch.

Naturally, Phillips profusely thanked Laudenslager on her social accounts and returned the clean cake pan with a hand-drawn Stitch thank you note, and a bottle of rosé.

Well done, everyone! What a great showing of Southern hospitality.