“Snakes in toilets, bears in garages. What’s next for you?”


Brett Eldredge had yet another scary brush with wildlife this week. The country singer, who famously found a snake in his toilet while on vacation in 2017, recently had a run-in with a bear at a home in Asheville, North Carolina.

Eldredge shared a clip from the brief encounter on Instagram Wednesday. In it, a young black bear can be seen attempting to break into a garbage bin that had been stored in the garage.

Brett Eldredge Performs On NBC's "Today"
Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

"Opened the garage door to go on a hike and had a new friend waiting to say hello," Eldredge wrote alongside the video.

The video shows the bear pulling the bin away from the wall, turning it over, and trying to pry it open as Eldredge and others attempt to scare it away by making loud noises. Still hungry, the bear eventually gives up and backs out of the garage.

"Snakes in toilets, bears in garages. What's next for you?" one fan commented.

Eldredge's experience comes at a time when bear encounters are rising in the Tar Heel State. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources commission reported a huge increase in black bear sightings this spring, largely because more people are moving closer to bear habitat.

If you do run into a bear, do what Eldredge did. From a safe distance, make loud noises, shout, or bang pots and pans together to scare away the bear. Give the bear a clear escape route and do not corner it.

For more information, visit BearWise.org.