Country's favorite rocker joined us to talk about his new tour, his plans for a family, and his love of good ol' Southern cooking.

Brantley Gilbert Amber Cochran CMA Awards 2016
Credit: John Shearer

We teamed up with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the CMA Awards' Red Carpet to check in with country's favorite rocker Brantley Gilbert and his stunning wife Amber Cochran.

So how's the family?
BG: Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Both sides.

Now where are you living now?
BG: We still live in Georgia; we live in Maysville. My family's still in Jefferson and [Amber's] is in Maysville. I feel like they're all the same small towns.

You've been on tour – is it nice to come back to small town life?
BG: Oh gosh, you can't beat it. Of course, they're putting me back out on the radio tour as soon as I leave here tonight. [laughs]

What do you have coming up?
BG: Well, we've got a single on the radio right now called "The Weekend" and the video just came out. Actually Amber starred in it and killed it.

Was this your first video? How was it?
AC: It was a little scary.
BG: But she did awesome.
AC: I'm happy with the end result.

Was he a tough boss?
AC: No, he was really sweet. [laughs]

Do you work on the concepts together?
AC: He just told me what to do.
BG: The director and I talked about it and I really wanted for her to be involved with it. And she took it and ran with it, and did an absolutely wonderful job.

Are you hoping to start your own family soon?
BG: We've talked about it; we're practicing. [laughs] People always say you can never plan it right. We're so busy – we're working on our house and finishing up our farm – so we'd like for everything to be a little more settled before that happens. But, if something were to happen, it wouldn't break my heart at all.

When's the new album coming out?
BG: We're getting the album out in January. It's called The Devil Don't Sleep. It sounds intense but really, it's just a constant reminder to me that this has been another chapter in my life. I always put the good, the bad, and the ugly in my records, and this chapter has been especially positive. You know, I got married – which was the best thing I ever did in my life – and God's been really good to us. The Devil Don't Sleep is all about just being conscious that I'm going on five years clean on December 18. It's just a reminder to me to stay the course.

So you'll be going out on tour next year?
BG: Yes ma'am, we'll be headed out on The Devil Don't Sleep tour. It'll be Brian Davis, Luke Combs, Tucker Beathard, and I. We did sheds this summer, we'll be going into arenas next year, and then we'll be doing sheds again.

What do you love most about being in the South?
AC: The food.
BG: [laughs] Yeah, the food. You know, it's home for me. When I think South, I think Jefferson [Georgia], I think Commerce, and I think Maysville. And to me, it's all about music and every other aspect of my life. These are the people and the places that I began writing songs about before everything else happened. You know, all of these records are chapters in my life, and I still live in my home, so I feel like everywhere I go, I bring part of it with me. You know, home is wherever Amber is, and she's a Southern girl.

Do you have a favorite Southern food?
BG: I like macaroni and cheese. I don't know if that's Southern, but that is my jam. [laughs]
AC: I think it's definitely Southern.
BG: Biscuits and gravy, and grits. Definitely grits.
AC: Yes! Grits!

How do you take those grits?
BG: Salt and cheese, for sure.

Do y'all like to cook?
AC: I love to cook.
BG: And, she's a good one.

Is Amber in competition with your mama's cooking?
BG: It's totally different.
AC: I don't know about that, but my mom and my grandmother both loved to cook, so I just learned from them.
BG: And she does a wonderful job. She loves to bake. We just redid our house and got all new appliances, so she's in there cooking. We also built a cottage and there's a great kitchen in there, too. You know, "Mama's happy, everybody's happy". Oh man. I'm gaining weight eating a lot. Everyone told me that when you get married you gain weight and I didn't believe them, but I believe them now.

The two of you have only been married a year and a half – what have you learned so far?
BG: I'd say everything's a learning experience. I think that's what makes it so beautiful, is that I'm with the only person that I am capable or willing to work through anything with.
AC: Aw, that's what I was going to say!
BG: So, you know, it's all a learning process. There are ups and downs, but when we said "I do for better or for worse, in sickness and in health," we meant every word of it. And the learning part is just as fun as anything else.

On any given Saturday night, where can we find the two of you?
AC: Well during football season, we're watching football. Georgia Dawgs fans.
BG: I don't know about other nights. We do a lot of movie nights and date nights.
AC: We do a lot at home.
BG: We're homebodies.

It sounds like you have a beautiful home, now!
BG: Well, there are walls being torn down right now as we speak.
AC: We're in the process of remodeling. It's kind of a disaster area right now. [laughs]
BG: But, we just finished the cottage up at the farm, and it's absolutely gorgeous, so we're getting to spend a little bit of time there, too.