Hint: They involve some complex recipes and lots and lots of wrapping paper!

One of our favorite unlikely couples, there's something about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton that just works. The country crooner and pop punk star, who paired up after meeting as judges on The Voice in 2015, married on Shelton's Oklahoma ranch earlier this year. Now, they're preparing to celebrate their first married Christmas alongside Stefani's three sons.

On the holiday special From Apple Music With Love, the couple gave a glimpse into what Christmas at the Stefani-Shelton household looks like. Like in many families, food is a big part of their celebration, but they're not keen on making the same dishes year after year. 

"We go out of our way to find a recipe," Shelton shared on the special. "And it's always got to be the most difficult thing that you can imagine, whether it's like a beef Wellington, which I didn't even know what that was until I met you."

"The fact that you wanted to make a tradition out of, it's almost like an anti-tradition, because a tradition is something that you've done your whole life, and that you keep repeating," Stefani replied. "But you keep trying to not repeat and make something new again and again and again. And that's your tradition."

Stefani admits that a "tradition" like the one she started with Shelton probably wouldn't have flown in her parents' very traditional household, but she's thankful for the change now. 

"The idea that now I somehow have control over what we're actually putting in our mouths at Christmas, it makes me feel like I'm going to get in trouble … So anyways, thank you for pushing me, pushing me to find new creative ways to feed our family."

While Shelton and Stefani are certainly forging their own path when it comes to Christmas traditions, there is one practice stolen from Stefani's childhood that they're not letting go of anytime soon.

"One of the craziest things that I learned about you and your family, as far as holiday traditions go, is the wrapping paper wall the kids run through," Shelton tells Stefani. "And I'm not kidding when I talk about how serious this is to the Stefanis. I've never known you to take anything more serious when it comes to a party type thing than this wrapping paper wall that they run through."

Stefani explains that the tradition originated with her dad Dennis Stefani, sharing this sweet memory of Christmas mornings growing up:

"When we were kids growing up, we had a hallway with all the bedrooms and then there was the living room. Basically, the toys and presents and everything, and the tree [were in the living room]," Stefani said. "The opening to that room ... was all covered with wrapping paper and a big bow. And we had to actually crash through it to see what Santa brought. Basically, we did that our whole lives."

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton
Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Mazur

The singers are no strangers to creating joyful Christmas harmony. Just give a listen to their 2018 hit "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" for proof. Here's hoping their first married Christmas inspires more holiday music magic in the future!