Bets for baby names are in full swing!


Like Southern baby names that tip their hat to family, Royal names often draw on kindred inspiration as well. While the Royal Family only announced the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting another child on September 4th, oddsmakers are already placing their bets on Royal Baby #3's name.

The UK bookmaker William Hill places Alice as the most popular choice with odds at 8/1, a traditional Southern name that may be old-fashioned but will never go out of style. Next, came Elizabeth in second (10/1)—chances are Southerners known a Sarah Elizabeth or Mary Elizabeth, or five. Boys' names James and Arthur tied in third (12/1).

Meanwhile, another popular London-based gambling company, Ladbrokes also places ever-classic Alice in first (7/1). Trailing behind are Victoria (10/1) and Alexandra (12/1). For boys, Arthur again makes the top running (10/1), with Albert and James tied for second (14/1). It's common for English parents to bestow four names upon their newborns (though not all four have to be family names).

Indeed, many of the names predicted include a meaningful connection to the royal House of Windsor, over which Queen Elizabeth II currently reigns. But if you ask us, maybe the Duke and Duchess should enjoy a Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, or Forrest Gump marathon this summer. Jean Louise Scout Finch at 50/1, anyone? Scarlett of Windsor sounds fun too!