Ben Napier Plans Full Week of Birthday Celebrations for Erin

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Ben Napier
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The Napiers like to do things big. The stars of HGTV's Home Town tend to make a splash, whether working on a romantic marriage proposal, or, naturally, a home renovation in their town of Laurel, Mississippi. Typically, that includes birthday celebrations, too. This year, though, Ben Napier came up with a birthday plan that didn't involve a big party or a gift with a hefty price tag. He gave his wife something far more precious: time.

"My birthday is coming next week, so it was not on my mind at all when I woke up to this today," Erin Napier wrote in a caption on Instagram. The photo she shared was of a hand-written note from her husband where he wishes the love of his life a happy birthday. In the sweet note, written on what appears to be a typewriter, he explains that this year he's giving her the gift of time.

The note includes an itinerary for Erin's birthday weekend full of good old-fashioned fun and lots of time to connect with her family and friends. Items on her agenda include "lunch in Hattiesburg, with the gal pals" on Friday, "uninterrupted day" with Ben and daughters Helen and Mae on Saturday, "movie matinee" with Erin's mom on Sunday and lunch date with Ben on Monday. He also promises to stock "meals in the freezer for nights when we don't have enough time".

In the comments of her post, she noted that Ben had ordered "[G]oldbelly for my favorite foods!", referring to the online marketplace for foods from around the country. Ben didn't stop there, though, he also promised that in the future, he would make sure she had her painting studio "right outside, ready" for her to tap into her creativity.

"I should tell you that Ben isn't perfect. No one is," Erin wrote in her Instagram post. "But he is completely perfect for me. I had a good cry this morning. Husbands: give your wife time for her birthday." As someone wrote in the comments, find yourselves a partner like Ben Napier—or be that partner for the special person in your life.

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