Ben and Erin Napier Share Very Enthusiastic 'Elvis' Reviews

"My heart raced, I cried."

Ben and Erin Napier. Photo: courtesy HGTV

Baz Luhrmann's new Elvis Presley biopic starring Austin Butler is more than just a movie for Ben and Erin Napier—it's a family celebration.

The Home Town duo gushed about Elvis in two separate Instagram posts after being treated to an early screening of the highly anticipated film last week.

"I grew up in a house where a photo of Elvis is on my parents' fridge beside the ultrasound souvenirs of their grandkids. The Graceland Christmas village is the only inheritance I want someday," Erin wrote alongside pictures of the refrigerator and the decorative village.

"We got to see the @elvismovie with my mama and her sisters, a few friends, and more family. My heart raced, I cried. We clapped like we were in his presence. @austinbutler BECAME #Elvis," she added. "Y'all pleeeease go see it June 24 so we can discuss???"

Elvis played a similar role in Ben's young life as well. In an emotional post, the talented woodworker recalled trying to sing like The King when he was a kid and even trying to "rock long sideburns" in high school.

"For Erin Napier and I, he is more than a performer, he is a family member," Ben wrote alongside a video their reaction to the movie. "The job that @bazluhrmann did with this cast is incredible. @austinbutler became the king. Tom Hanks played a diabolical genius so well. Everyone in the movie nailed their role."

The Napiers aren't the first to sing the praises of Luhrmann's Elvis. The legendary crooner's own family put their stamp of approval on the film.

"It's been done right," daughter Lisa-Marie said at a special Graceland screening earlier this month.

Elvis will premiere in theaters on June 24.

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