Dolly Parton fanhood knows no age.

Baby Singing Jolene

Yes, we know. When Dolly Parton sneezes, the national media stands at attention. If she so much as raises a few thousand dollars for children's literacy or gives a folksy, yet inspiring speech about her unlikely career trajectory, you can count on endless gushing articles and videos over our country queen to assail your news feeds.

But right when we thought we could let the Dolly coverage rest a hot second, here is 2-year-old Sophia Kingsley from Lansing Michigan singing what could be one of 2017's best renditions of "Jolene." Pentatonix? Miley? You can sit down now.

Sitting quitely in what appears to be her playroom, Sophia is just doing what we all do when left alone in a quiet space: singing our favorite '70s-era country tunes to ourselves. But when her mom Brooke comes in to film her, Sophia begins to add more hystrionics and passion to her performance of the Dolly classic. Color us (and the 6 million other people who have watched the video since Brooke uploaded it to Facebook) impressed.

We can only hope that this will launch a thousand more videos of small children singing not just Dolly hits, but perhaps Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, or Loretta Lynn songs. Who knows what tiny talent lies out there until the internet taps into it, right? Personally, we're looking for a pint-sized Gram Parsons.