And other tips for staying young and beautiful at 60.

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Andie MacDowell Hallmark Home and Family
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Actress Andie MacDowell was our September 2014 Southern Living ‘cover girl' so we wanted to catch up with her to see how she continues to look so fabulous while maintaining a very busy schedule, which includes her many producing and acting projects for The Hallmark Channel.

SL: On what you put in your body:

AM: I like eating oil - like eating avocados and using olive oil. I even use butter. I think the old guide of the whole idea of no fat was kinda an unhealthy idea. They started putting so much sugar in products. Cutting back on sugar is more important than worrying about the fats. Fats are good for your skin - has to be healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, and butter. I use the creams, conditioners, and oil all over my face but I also make sure what goes inside makes a difference. It's really very, very important what goes inside as well. You have to nurture your body inside and out.

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SL: On taking care of your body:

AM: I think your state of mind is really important. I hike a lot. I try to get outside. The whole nature thing is really relevant for me as far as finding a healthy state of mind and I think that shows up on your face. You can see it. If you're feeling serene and peaceful inside you see it on your face. And you see it definitely in your eyes. You can tell in your eyes what your feelings are and that makes a big difference. And I do a lot of yoga. I'm dedicated to yoga because it I see the difference it makes in my body. It makes my body super strong. I've been able to keep my muscles even though I've aged. But it's also the state of mind. It's a peaceful state of mind.

SL: What beauty products and which ones do you like the best?

AM: I use L'Oreal's hair color and I use a lot of conditioner. I (can) speak for curly hair. You don't need to shampoo every time, just use a little conditioner to wash your hair. With curly hair you don't have a lot of oil so you don't want to over shampoo. I use maybe 5 conditioners to 1 shampoo. I've used L'Oréal's conditioning pack called Nature's Therapy forever and it's very inexpensive. I'll tell you what I did today. Today I washed my hair because I'd had a blow-out and I don't leave my hair in a blow-out, I prefer my curly hair. I washed my hair very lightly with shampoo and put Nature's Therapy in it but I didn't wash it out. I just put it up in a bun with a bunch of Nature's Therapy in my hair. Sometimes I'll put it on my dry hair and put it up in a bun and go to the grocery store or go anywhere and nobody knows it. This way I'm conditioning my hair all the time.

SL: These are good tips for everybody at any age.

AM: Yeah, it is for any age and I've been doing it a long time. When you're young you don't know what you have. You have no idea how perfect you are and I try to remember that now and I'll say to myself, ‘If you know that and can reflect and look back on how hard you were on your 30 year-old self then what am I doing now?' That's what I try to remind myself. I look back and say ‘why didn't you just relax and enjoy what you had because you don't have it anymore.'