Time to dust off the resume.


If you know the secret to better scrambled eggs, have an eye for coming up with clever uses for ordinary kitchen items, love kitchen hacks, know what a heck a bonut is, and have a handle on Twitter, there's a job you might want to check out. Kitchen genius and food science whiz Alton Brown is hiring!

According to a recent tweet, Brown is on the hunt for "a (qualified and hopefully experienced) social media professional/digital content wiz looking for a new gig working with a somewhat-established culinary brand."

Brown doesn't go into too many details about why he wants to hire a social media manager, but in a later tweet promised that he wasn't "going to give up posting" his own Twitter account, but "dangit. I just want to be able to do more, better."

While that's all Brown had to say on the subject for now, Mashed thinks there may be more to the story thanks to some hot gossip plucked off of Reddit. Some folks on that site, which is always good for finding the latest rumors, believe that Brown may have some big plans for the future. They speculate that in the not-too-distant-future, Brown could maybe possibly cut ties with Food Network and start his own thing. Does that mean a Good Eats restaurant? New kitchen gadgets? Alton Brown TV? A chain of Alton Brown bonut shops? A popcorn takeover? An Alton Brown theme park? Who knows!

It's all just speculation and rumors right now, but whatever Brown is up to—even if it's just continuing with Good Eats and Food Network—it's bound to be interesting. If you want a front row seat to the action (whatever it may be), according to Brown, "the path to glory" and the "glamour you know you deserve" all starts by submitting a resume.