Who’s ready for Season 10?

By Southern Living

Some happy news was shared on the Call the Midwife Instagram account recently, and it concerns the show's annual holiday special. The post proclaims, “NEWS!! Call the Midwife completes filming on its new Christmas Special!! Today we passed an important milestone that we wanted to share with you all – we have completed all of our filming for the new Christmas Episode!”

The news was shared alongside a photo of two of the cast members, Leonie Elliot, who plays Lucille, and Zephryn Taitte, who plays Cyril. The post continues, “We thought it was important to mark this moment today, as we think it’s good news in these uncertain times. Although there is still much post-production work to do on the episode–editing, sound, music, etc–these jobs are much easier to do under any distancing restrictions. So we can once again assure you that we really WILL be seeing you at Christmas!!” You can see the original Instagram post below.

Each year, Call the Midwife fans look forward to the special holiday episode, and the cast and crew enjoy making it too. The caption shares, “The Christmas episode is very important to us. It’s our personal gift to you all–a sign that, like the festival itself, all the most important things in life remain true and constant, regardless of the uncertainties of a changing world. Love. Family. Hope. Care. Compassion. Community. As central to the message of the season as they are to our drama.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the Christmas episode when it airs, as well as the rest of Season 10, which will follow in its time as the cast and crew are able to complete filming while also following safety guidelines. (In the meantime, we're going to play the Call the Midwife board game!)

What’s your favorite Call the Midwife Christmas special so far? Are you looking forward to watching the new season?