The ground-breaking ceremony is on Tuesday, June 15 at 12 p.m. CT.


Attention Buc-ee's fans: The Texas-born gas station and convenience store chain (with a very dedicated fan base) is coming to Tennessee. Buc-ee's will break ground on its Crossville outpost on Tuesday, June 15 at 12 p.m. CT.  The store will be located at 2045 Genesis Road, and visitors can expect all the beloved victuals Buc-ee's has on offer from homemade fudge to Beaver Nuggets and other Southern favorites in the 53,500-square-foot building. Should you need to fill your gas tank on your Buc-ee's pit stop, there will be 120 fueling positions outside the store. The sprawling new travel center is expected to bring at least 175 full-time jobs to the area.

Currently, Buc-ee's expansion throughout the South is in full swing, with two recently opened locations in Florida, along with stores welcoming customers in Georgia and Alabama. Buc-ee's stores are also under construction in Kentucky and South Carolina. Founded in 1982, Buc-ee's has 38 locations in Texas.

Now, Tennessee is excited to welcome the gas station that's known for its sparkling-clean bathrooms with this new store: "Crossville is centrally located between Nashville and Knoxville - an ideal stop for folks headed west to Music City or east to the Great Smoky Mountains," said Stan Beard of Buc-ee's, in a company press release. "Crossville is also the Golf Capital of Tennessee, and a gorgeous destination in and of itself. We can't wait for Buc-ee's to provide another great reason for folks to make their way through Crossville."

Buc-ee's Crossville, Tennessee Rendering
Credit: Courtesy of Buc-ee's

Cumberland County, Tennessee, residents, we sure are jealous. Pick up a bag of Sea Salted Caramel or Bold 'N' Spicy Beaver Nuggets for us, will you? And a plush beaver mascot stuffed animal, some Dippin' Dots, fudge, and brisket. On second thought, come opening date, we may just have to make a trip to Tennessee.