We feel ya, Bridge.


There are few movies that make my mom and I laugh out loud quite like Bridget Jones's Diary. If you're unfamiliar with the 2001 British rom-com, the movie adaptation of the 1996 novel follows a year in the life of an unlucky-in-love and clumsily endearing 30-something woman as she navigates a rocky career and an equally unsteady love life. It's totally cheeky and a little off-color—in the charming way that only British humor can possibly get away with—but the movie long ago earned a spot in my top 10 favorite flicks. And while Bridget Jones is hardly a paragon of ladylike, Southern mama-approved behavior (see: excessive drinking, smoking, swearing; and chasing her love interest down the street wearing tennis shoes, leopard print grannies, and not much else), there are plenty of times throughout the raucous rom-com where we can't help but relate to the well-meaning British heroine. Here, 7 times we were all Bridget Jones, for better or for worse.

1. When she's forced to attend a holiday party in a dreadfully outdated outfit hand-picked by her dear mother …

2. … And then runs into an old childhood friend, with whom, of course, her mother wants to set her up.

3. When she dons her shape-wear to squeeze into a little black dress for a formal work event.

4. When a top-down drive through the countryside leaves her hair looking like this. (Though we don't need a blustery drive to achieve this look. The walk from the house to the car in the summer heat should do the trick.)

5. When her best efforts to get in shape leave her totally winded (and on the floor).

6. When the amateur chef tries to cook a Michelin-star-worthy dinner for her friends, and the soup comes out blue.

7. When she gets the guy, while wearing a cardigan, leopard print underwear, and sneakers…well, maybe we don't relate to this moment as much. Snow? Down here?

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