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Virginia natives and long-time friends Laura Martin Mills and Hillary Crittendon each spent years learning the secrets of the retail industry while working for independent designers. Through their work, they realized that in order for small brands to thrive, they needed visibility. Being equal parts passionate consumers and savvy business women, they wanted to use their insight to bring small female-owned brands that visibility and, in turn, benefit stylish shoppers. That's when Brandshop was born. The traveling pop-up shop of carefully curated designers, artists, and artisans not only brings interesting products to new patrons, it also offers up panels of notable Southern creatives like Ann Mashburn, and Jane Scott Hodges who discuss every aspect of living stylishly. And if that weren't enough to have us marking our calendars in ink, they also lined up fitness gurus, like Hillard Studio Method's Lizz Hillard, for small classes.

Their next stop? New Orleans. Check out the schedule below to join in the events and keep an eye on their site to find out when they'll be near you. Get a full weekend pass at Evenbrite for $225 (includes all panels & classes) and use code SouthernLiving to get 20% off. New Orleans Brandshop Itinerary:

Shopping Events June 3-June 4 When: Friday June 3, 10am-7pm & Saturday June 4, 10am-5pm Where: Martine Chaisson Gallery & Reyn Studios


Style, Art, and Entertaining Speaker Series Friday June 3 Get tickets at the door (at Martine Chaisson Gallery), $20 each

Topic: Collecting and Living with Art When: 10:30am -11:15am Who: Maria Brito, creative and interior Designer, art adviser, author and curator

Topic: The Art of Partnerships When: 11:45am - 12:30pm Who: Dara Segal, Founder of Simply Framed Elizabeth Brown, CEO of Viyet Morgan Hutchinson, founder of Buru in conversation with Ashley Finch, Head of Partnerships at Lean In

Topic: Crafting Your Personal Style When: 1:00pm - 1:45pm Who: Sarah Easley, fashion designer, lifestyle expert, trend forecaster, and co-founder of Kirna Zabete, Ann Mashburn, Creative Director at Ann Mashburn in conversation with Ashley Williams, Style Editor at Southern Living

Topic: Secrets To Creating An Unforgettable Party When: 2pm - 2:45pm, Who: Mary Giuliani, caterer to the stars, author, and restaurator, Juley Le, blogger at Upperlyne Note: Book signing of Mary Giuliani's The Cocktail party to immediately follow!

Topic: The Art of Selling When: 3:13pm - 4pm Who: Lydia Fenet, ‎International Director of Strategic Partnerships, Senior Vice President at Christie's

Topic:The Fun is in the Mix When: 4:30pm - 5:15pm Who: Jane Scott Hodges, founder of Leontine Linens

Finish the day with cocktails! Happy hour—5:15pm - 7pm

Wellness Day Saturday June 4 Each class is $30 and will be held at Reyn Studios. There is limited space, so sign up at TK to reserve your space. In between classes, fitness experts will host talks on healthy living, join the discussion for $20 Fitness Class: dance, HIIT, strength training, and flexibility fitness Class When: 4:30pm - 5:15pm Instructor: Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT inMotion Fitness Class: core-centric workout incorporating weights, resistance bands, weighted balls and gliders with floor and barre work to sculpt and tone your entire body When: 11:45am - 12:45pm Instructors: Liz Hilliard & Clary Hilliard Gray, mother-daughter duo behind Charlotte-based Hilliard Studio Method Fitness Class: Stretch and Relax with Reyn Lambert When: 2:30pm - 3pm Instructors: Liz Hilliard & Clary Hilliard Gray, mother-daughter duo behind Charlotte-based Hilliard Studio Method