Plus, it's hosted by a Texas student!

By Caroline Rogers
Brainchild on Netflix
Credit: Netflix

If your kids are looking for a new show that's as entertaining as it is educational, tune them into Brainchild on Netflix. It's a fun science series that explores a wide variety of kid-appropriate topics. Don't feel left out, though: Adults are sure to find it fascinating too. Germs, emotions, memories, stars—no subject is too big or too small for Brainchild and its host, Texas student Sahana Srinivasan. Srinivasan, who is passionate about sharing science and making the show accessible for kids, is also currently studying media at the University of Texas.

According to Netflix, "Brainchild makes science fun, cool, and accessible to everyone. Each episode tackles a topic that's important to kids (and adults!) with comedy, experiments, and interactive games." The first 13 episodes are available on Netflix now. They're 25-minute explorations of interesting topics including emotions, superheroes, social media, space, dreams, and creativity, among many others. Brainchild is perfect for inquisitive kids and anyone anywhere who likes to ask "why?" Watch the trailer below for a first look at the show.

Watch the trailer:

The series comes to us from executive producer Pharrell Williams and the creators of Brain Games on National Geographic, Adam "Tex" Davis and Jerry Kolber. Alie Ward, who is a correspondent on Innovation Nation on CBS, and Ben Seidman, a performer and comedian, also appear on the show.

Who's ready to learn about science and have fun doing it? If you're curious, you can stream Brainchild on Netflix now. Teachers can also find related resources, handouts, and additional curriculum related to the show available as a free download at

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