'Do you know you have a rooster out there?'


Employees at the DQ Grill and Chill near the University of South Alabama in Mobile were getting strange questions from their customers. "Customers would come in and ask, ‘Do you know you have a rooster out there?'" manager Audrey Wright told AL.com. The customer, of course, is always right and a rooster had moved into the restaurants parking lot.

They called the City of Mobile Animal Shelter, but no one ever came to pick him up. The employees felt bad for the little guy and made sure that their restaurant's new mascot was well fed on bread crumbs and even gave him a name—Blizzard, after the ice cream treat served at Dairy Queen's across the South.

The legend of the rooster who lived in the DQ spread through Mobile. According to AL.com, the story eventually made its way to Marcia Martin, a member of the Mobile Bay Area Backyard Chicken Club, which is a very good person for a lost rooster to know. Martin snapped a photo of Blizzard the rooster and posted the photo to the Chicken Club's Facebook page, sounding the alarm about the "rogue rooster" shacking up at the DQ.

No one stepped forward to claim the rooster, though. That's when Rebecca Wright and her mother-in-law. Stacey Wright, decided to get involved. In something straight out of a Hollywood comedy, the duo set out from Chunchula, Al., in the middle of the night on a mission to catch the bird. They didn't go at night for the drama, but because it would be easier to catch Blizzard when he was roosting and less wily.

They eventually cornered the bird in a bush and were finally able to nab him. They re-located the rooster to a more fitting environment, one far away from DQ's deep fryers. Blizzard is now ruling a 20-acre roost out in Chunchula living with other chickens. Blizzard got a new home and the Wrights got some great family material for their Christmas letter.