Fans of The Great British Bake Off will love this series.

By Caroline Rogers
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Big Dreams, Small Spaces
Credit: BBC

If you think your television needs more horticulture, hello and welcome. You're among friends. And, as friends, we need to alert you to this delightful gardening show from the BBC. It's called Big Dreams, Small Spaces, and you can watch it on Netflix now.

Fans of The Great British Bake Off are likely to enjoy this new show. It's about—as the title suggests—attempting to realize big garden dreams in small garden spaces. During the show, amateur gardeners throughout the U.K. take to their lawns, yards, and flower beds. They work to transform challenging, sometimes nightmarish plots into lovely green spaces. It's not the easiest of undertakings, but these budding gardeners are aided along the way by their horticultural guide—writer, presenter, and gardening enthusiast Monty Don.

Wondering what the episodes' plotlines could possibly be? Allow Netflix to describe them for you: In season two, episode one, "An engaged couple wants their sloping garden to produce flowers for their wedding. A woman hopes to transform an overgrown lot into a haven for bees." Later, in episode four, "Two neighbors want to combine their gardens into one, but they have different visions. A former army officer plans a summer garden for her daughters." Then, in episode five, "Monty's projects include gardens inspired by the children's classic Alice in Wonderland and by the olives and grapevines of Italy."

You can find season two of Big Dreams, Small Spaces on Netflix today. You can also find all three of the show's seasons on Amazon. They're accessible there with a subscription to Inside Outside House & Garden.

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Will you tune into Big Dreams, Small Spaces? What would your ideal gardening show look like? What shows are you watching lately?