We're reminiscing over the five best-selling holiday gifts of yesteryear.


Trends come and go, but the pressures to snag each season's must-have toy is a holiday constant. Before adding to your shopping list, let's reminisce over the five best-selling holiday gifts of yesteryear.

Mr. Potato Head debuted in 1952 and taught us all that spuds can wear many faces. The iconic item inspired the first-ever TV commercial for a toy and earned more than $4 million in the first few months.

Cabbage Patch Kids were introduced to the world in 1983, leading to the best-selling introduction of a doll—ever. By 1985, these childhood treasures raked in more than $600 million in sales.

Tickle Me Elmo was the giggle heard ‘round the holiday world. Introduced in 1996, the friendly monster quickly sold out, frustrating moms and dads everywhere. In its first year, the $35 Sesame Street sensation sold an entire stock of one million units.

A year later, the Tamagotchi caused waves. These pocket-sized digital pets taught kids—and some adults—what it was like to be a caretaker. Since its release, the pocket pet sold over 82 million products around the globe.

In 1998, Furbies dominated the holiday season. These kinda cute, kinda creepy robots blinked and spoke their way to 27 million units sold in their first year. At the height of Furby Fever, they brought in $500 million a year in revenue.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next hot-ticket holiday item—it could be gone in a flash.