These breathtaking stones will sparkle on your finger without breaking the bank.


Are you dreaming of a diamond ring and shrieking at the expensive prices? Look into diamond alternatives that won't break the bank. Non-traditional fiancés searching for a blinding pop of color can seek intensely hued stones. Inexpensive gemstones with a tint include morganites, aquamarines, amethysts, tourmaline, and citrine stones.

Hoping for a white stone? Look for sapphire, topaz, zircon, and quartz. The cut of the gemstone also makes a difference in the rock's shimmer. Rose, emerald, and asscher-cut stones work best for your diamond alternative. Though your significant other's bank account may like the cheaper price, there is a downside to gemstones.

Diamond alternatives are often very soft and chip easily. Stones like opals are suggested as a last resort since they're very fragile and turn colors. No one wants to walk down the aisle with a damaged ring! Still set on a diamond? Many designers offer options that include both the traditional stone and a gemstone. The combination will give you a classic feel without breaking your bank account. Say "yes" to one of these alternative options. Your fiancé will thank you!