It's the kind of story our Southern hearts live for. 

By Jorie Nicole McDonald
March 29, 2018

Southern ladies appreciate the delight that comes with sipping sweet tea, enjoying warm spring weather, and watching a heartwarming Hallmark movie. And boy, do we have a treat for you! Southern Living went behind-the-scenes at the movie channel's newest film, Home By Spring, and the result was incredibly exciting.

The movie – which will be released on Saturday, March 31 – follows a young, ambitious event planner that moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, but returns to her hometown of St. Francisville, Louisiana, posing as her boss for a can't-miss opportunity. With the help of her family and the high school sweetheart she left behind, she attempts to pull off the perfect spring retreat. However, she soon discovers that home is ultimately where the heart is.

Set in the charming little town of St. Francisville at the Butler Greenwood Plantation, this movie beautifully captures every person's desire to find a love that lasts through time and distance. Home By Springstars Poppy Drayton, who also plays Arielle in the upcoming The Little Mermaid film. She perfectly embodies the qualities of a true Southern girl (and, you'll have to hear how her accent changes!); her character's name is Loretta, after all.

Join us for this exclusive sneak peek at Hallmark's newest movie, and be sure to tune in on March 31st for the premiere.