Barbie is a lot more than just a pretty face with a killer wardrobe. Since the doll was introduced in 1959, Barbie has had an impressive set of careers. Her first-ever job was as a "Teenage Fashion Model" where she flaunted those plastic-molded good looks. Since then she has been a doctor, an editor, a computer programmer, a presidential candidate, flight attendant, a Major League Baseball player, a sergeant in the Marine Corps, a concert pianist, firefighter, a UNICEF ambassador, a paleontologist, and even an astronaut. According to TIME, Barbie reached the moon years before Neil Armstrong ever set foot on the lunar surface.

Barbie has recently added to that impressive resume with a foray into farming. She came prepared to get dirty working on the farm wearing a cute plaid shirt and overalls and a red tractor pulling a wagon filled with an adorable array of chicks, chickens, a lamb, and a sweet little brown calf.

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Of course, farming isn't just a tractor-riding good time and Barbie is taking her newfound passion a step further. In addition to working the fields and planting crops and riding her tractor in a full face of makeup and perfectly coiffed hair, Barbie is now raising chickens. The new set from Mattel features everyone's favorite doll as a chicken farmer, complete with chickens, adorable chicks, a chicken coop, and a basket to collect the tiny plastic eggs. This being Barbie, of course, she has a good outfit, too, with a "Live Love Farm" t-shirt, denim shorts, and sensible red rubber boots.

Now she just needs to set up that coop behind the Barbie DreamHouse to inspire little country girls everywhere to raise chickens with style.