Located at The Lodge on Sea Island in Glynn County, Georgia, Mike Evers helps vacationers celebrate the end of each day by his impressive skill with the bagpipes. But, he wasn’t able to create this hauntingly beautiful sound until just a few months prior to getting the job. Clothed in the unmistakable Scottish kilt, Evers begins to play the unique instrument just as the sun is setting on the breathtaking landscape. Before learning to play the bagpipes, Evers belonged to a bluegrass band that regularly preformed on Sea Island; when he heard The Lodge was in search of a new piper, Evers quickly rose to the challenge. He spent three months learning to play the instrument and was able to perform a dozen tunes by the time he got the position. The bagpipe serenade marking the close of each day is a long-time tradition on the island, and everyone stops to takes notice.

Video courtesy of Jim Baker

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