Love is important in a marriage–and so is good credit. From big purchases such as buying a home, to smaller purchases such as buying a washing machine, credit holds a great amount of power when starting new a life and planning a future together. Credit will determine so many things down the line, so it is absolutely important that this be discussed before tying the knot. If your partner's bad credit is because of poor spending habits, be mindful of such when you are setting long-term goals. Poor credit is not necessarily a deal breaker in a marriage–just be sure to keep separate accounts while you help your partner build good credit. Just because you are now bound together by law does not mean you will be bound together at the Credit Bureau. Keep your good habits while helping your significant other groom their habits. Our friends at Coinage tell us how to bring up the conversation of credit and how to make sure it doesn’t ruin a happy marriage.

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