She'll tell you to mind your manners, act like you've got good sense, and make sure all your Vera Bradley matches.

By Valerie Fraser Luesse
mom prepping kids for school
Without Elmer's and Crayola, none of us would've made it past first grade.
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Those school bells will be ringing before you know it, and Southern mamas will be busy preparing their young to study hard, learn a lot, and try not to embarrass the family. In the South, back to school quotes all boil down to one thing: Show everybody you were raised right so Mama can hold her head up high at the Piggly Wiggly.

We polled our Facebook Brain Trust to get their favorite back to school sayings from Southern mamas. Let us know if we got it right:

  1. "Now when you get there, act like somebody."
  2. "Remember who you are."
  3. "You had better not come home with that brand-new Bama shirt torn."
  4. "Be good, have fun, and remember—your teacher's in my prayer group."
  5. "If you get in trouble at school, you'll be in trouble again when you get home."
  6. "Change your clothes when you get home. Memaw bought you those khakis, and I want her to see you in them on Sunday."
  7. "Here's an extra travel-size hairspray for your purse."
  8. "Don't forget your lipstick—you don't want to look washed out on your first day of high school."
  9. "Let's hope your teacher has forgotten what a handful your older brother was."
  10. "Look, Mary-Charles Elizabeth! Mama got you a lunch tote, water bottle, daily planner, pen set, and raincoat—all in matching Lilly Pulitzer!"
  11. "Honey, why don't you take Mama's Vera Bradley cell phone cover? It matches your backpack. I'll swing by Belk's and pick up another one on my way home from Junior League."
  12. "Text me before you sign me up to work any bake sales or concession stands."
  13. "I had better not hear that you've been up at that school acting like you haven't got a lick o' sense."
  14. "I know good and well the lunch room serves vegetables, and you ought to be able to recognize one when you see it, so how about eating a few?"
  15. "You were raised right, so act like it."
  16. "Remember, pretty is as pretty does."
  17. "No, sweetheart, you're not old enough to wear nail polish to school. Let's wait till you're in the third grade."
  18. "Ask your P.E. teacher if it's okay for me to at least monogram your uniform. That thing's ugly as sin."
  19. "Let's see if Mama can't find a bigger bow for your hair."
  20. "Now, son, go put on that cute shirt I bought you and don't pay any attention to what those other kids say. I think it's just darling on you."
  21. "Remember to say yes ma'am, no ma'am, please, and thank you."
  22. "Don't forget to open doors for all the girls—not just the cheerleaders."
  23. "You only have one chance to make a good first impression."
  24. "You want some pretty scented shelf paper for your locker?"
  25. "Before you walk out that door, just remember—you can't get away with anything because Mama sees everything."

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