Jekyll Island doesn't just have incredible scenic views – the island also has an incredible organization working to rescue and rehabilitate sea turtles. The internationally-acclaimed Georgia Sea Turtle Center has cared for more than 3000 patients and is now celebrating ten years of conservation, research, and animal welfare in Georgia. The institution is devoted to the "rehabilitation of injured sea turtles and preservation of the delicate balance of the oceanic ecosystem." Thousands of visitors come every year to try out the Center's hands-on exhibits and sea turtle operations, not to mention the numerous educational activities that are offered. This baby sea turtle is one of the many turtles monitored and assisted by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, and there are few videos as uplifting as this little creature making his way to the big ol' blue. We couldn't help but cheer him on as he pushed through the mounds of sand and waddled his way home. Take a look into his journey to the sea, and join us in celebrating 10 years of incredible, life-changing work with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

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