CNN sports correspondent and Former Falcon Linebacker, Coy Wire, gives us scoop

Falcons Super Bowl Shot

The most anticipated NFL game of the year, the Super Bowl, will be played this weekend between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. We talked to CNN Sports correspondent and former Falcons Linebacker, Coy Wire, and he gave us four reasons why we should put our bets on the Falcons this Sunday.

1. Doggone, it's just their turn! We agree that both persistence and experience should pay off at some point, and why not this year? As Wire explains, "The Falcons were founded in 1966, and this is Super Bowl number 51 for them... just sayin'." Wire, you said it just right.

2. They'll get primo Southern support at the game. Wire gives us the rundown saying, "Team owner Arthur Blank is paying for the entire organization (500+ associates) to go to the Super Bowl so they'll have the die-hard fans filling the stands."

3. The team's talent is second to none. "My former teammate, wide receiver Julio Jones, is a man amongst boys—he's a freak of nature!," Wire praises, going on to mention the talent of the defense, "Rookie safety Keanu Neal hits like a ton of bricks. Or bowling balls. Or feathers. Anything that weighs a ton, really." But those aren't the only players that will be bringing A-game this weekend as Wire explains, "This season, quarterback Matt Ryan is more Tom Brady than Tom Brady. Precision passing, masterful decision-making – he WILL be named MVP of the league. And the thing that has never changed about my former teammate: He's still the most humble, kind guy you'll ever meet." Who doesn't want to root for a guy that's just a nice as he is good at his sport?

4. Coy Wire is going to eat the competition himself, literally. "I do the grilling, but my wife, Claire, is the G.O.A.T (greatest of all-time) of gustatory Super Bowl treats. She picks a theme based on the team playing in the game. This year she'll probably be making homemade New England clam chowder," says Wire about gobbling up—even if in symbolism alone—the other team. "I'll be sure to request some Southern sweet potato pie too," he says and notes that he'll be chasing it with the Atlanta staple, Sweetwater beer.