Alabama comedian Darren Knight has nailed down the perfect Southern Momma comedy bit. His videos are so relatable, in fact, that he's gone viral for his impression of our favorite Southern women. Our Southern mamas are the best advice-givers around, and we turn to them, even as adults, to get an honest and (mostly) neutral answer to our problems. We asked Southern Momma a few modern-day questions to see how (s)he'd respond. From workplace woes to posting on social media, Darren Knight gave us his best advice for some interesting scenarios. How do you keep your hair shiny and luscious? How can you take better Instagram pictures? What should you do if your spouse wants you to stop posting swimsuit pictures on social media? Does a male Piggly Wiggly cashier make more money than you do? We've got Southern Momma's hilarious insight into each issue. What would your own mama say to these qualms?

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