Hiding right under our noses.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
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Considering we’re currently slathering on an Amazon vitamin C serum while making coffee in our Amazon coffee maker and admiring our cordless Amazon vacuum in the corner, we’d say the Internet hub is quite the regular in our lives. Amazon is known as the place where you go to get good deals and two-day shipping, because, what’s better than that? So, when we found out it’s been hiding a secret section from us all this time, we couldn’t believe it. Amazon hiding deals? From us? 

Unless you’re a certified expert on all things Amazon, odds are you’ve also missed the somewhat-concealed section called Amazon Outlet that’s been hiding on the sidebar under the “Programs & Features” tab. It’s filled to the brim with thousands of items that Amazon has labeled overstocked, and they’re all heavily more discounted than you would find on the regular site. Within Amazon Outlet, you’ll see most of the same categories—home, kitchen, garden, beauty, electronics—you’re already shopping regularly on Amazon. Some of our favorite deals right now include a wireless iPhone charging station for 54% off, a Voom Sonic electric toothbrush for 30% off, and that viral slow-feeding dog bowl for just $4.99.

So, how does one find all of these amazing deals? To locate Amazon Outlet, hover over the main “Menu” icon, scroll down to “Programs & Features,” select “See All,” and Amazon Outlet should appear on the list. However for some, this method doesn’t work. Instead, select “Full Store Directory,” scroll down past all categories until you see a section so small you’d likely miss it. In that section beside “Bargains,” you can select the Outlet. (To make things super easy for you, just follow this link to the Amazon Outlet homepage.) 

If you’ve been missing out on majorly discounted finds like we have, head to Amazon Outlet to go on your own treasure hunt.