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Amazon Coupons
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We're not too good to go digging deep down and all around Amazon to find its best-kept secrets. It's our version of the 3 a.m. infomercial binge. Let's remember: We've let you in on the hidden section known as Amazon Outlet, where you find major deals on overstocked items. We've also divulged the existence of an equally elusive section known as Amazon Warehouse that's full of returned and pre-owned products that have been allowed by Amazon to go back on the market at a compelling discount. 

Now, we're here with one more secret Amazon section that you've probably never heard of, but should start using immediately. It's called Amazon Coupons, and you're going to want to pull out your virtual clippers—some of these deals on your favorite everyday items are too good to pass up.

Watch out, though, it can be hard to find. For some, it's up on the top banner menu; for others, it's on the side drop-down menu. Or, you might not see it anywhere at all. (Keeping us on our toes, eh, Amazon?) To make it easy on yourself, you can access the Amazon Coupons page here to shop thousands of discounts.

While you'll notice some coupons tend to stick around for a while, there are others that you'll catch on a good day. We're talking markdowns on popular Amazon items like the site's cheaper rendition of the pricey iRobot Roomba Vacuum, which is currently offering $40 off the usual price here. You can also currently score a more expensive Roomba competitor, the Roborock, for $70 off the original price here. Basically any category that you shop on the site has coupons, including home, kitchen, electronics, fashion, and personal care. 

Amazon Coupons also pays mind to everyday household products, such as 20% off Downy Infusions Liquid Fabric Softener. (The lavender scent is dreamy.) There is even an impressive offering of coupons on grocery items that will be delivered right to your doorstep, including a current deal for 25% off all Lavazzo coffee products. (The medium roast has over 11,000 reviews!) And on many of these coupons, you can choose to "Subscribe & Save" to get an additional 5% off. That means you can opt in to receive another order in the future as frequently as you want—even as spaced out as just once every six months. So, little by little, you're able to build up a pretty hefty discount on things you actually use. 

Sure, it might all sound slightly more complicated than simply adding to cart and paying full price, but what would your coupon-clipping grandmother say about that attitude? To embark on your new penny-pinching (but make it chic) journey, follow this link to the Amazon Coupons homepage and go wild. 

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