Mama Always Grocery Shopped on the Same Day—Here's Why You Should Too

There was a method to her madness.

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If we know one thing, it's that Mama is a creature of habit. She never strays from her soft pink manicure, wouldn't be caught dead missing her standing hair appointment, and, perhaps most importantly, has never missed a Wednesday morning grocery run.

When we were younger, we might have wondered why there was such rigidness when it came to her pocket calendar, but as adults we wouldn't dare. All it took was running out of the salon door too fast to book the next appointment once. Time, tide, and roots wait for no woman, and trying to get back in with a stylist who has somehow made you and every lady at church look like natural blondes after you fall off the schedule of pre-booked regulars is no easy feat.

The same can be said of Mama's weekly trips to the grocery store. Find yourself shopping the empty shelves the day before restock and you'll vow never again. As with just about everything Mama does, there is a reason behind it, and when it came to the grocery store it was all about inventory—something that we're particularly focused on during these times of toilet paper-free shelves, Lysol shortages, and more.

Instacart says the best day to go grocery shopping might just be Wednesday, which allows time for the Tuesday deliveries to hit shelves (many grocery stores follow a Tuesday/Friday restock schedule). If you frequent a larger grocery store, it might be restocked daily though. Those of us who shop at Publix and never fail to see employees restocking shelves around the clock, Monday through Sunday, know this to be true. That being said, the best course of action is to contact your favorite grocery store to ask about their restocking schedule, if you're so inclined.

Also take into consideration when weekly specials are released, when products are marked down in price to allow for new or fresher inventory, and even on which days certain sections such as meat, produce, and paper goods are replenished. Chances are, Mama knows it all and can tell you both the best day to grocery shop and when to catch her favorite manager on duty. He might just sneak a few coupons in your bag at checkout if she puts in a good word.

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