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As fans binge-watch the third season of Virgin River, Alexandra Breckenridge is finally weighing in on that season 3 cliffhanger.

Way back when it was announced that the show was returning for a third season, Netflix promised fans some "bombshell plot twists" with all that good soapy drama ranging from "a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane and a new romance." The writers certainly delivered all that and more with one of those twists causing a lot of drama.

Warning: If you haven't caught up on the latest season of Virgin River, you might want to read this later!

When Mel and Jack broke up, Mel had a small mental breakdown and took off to L.A. Specifically, to the clinic where her deceased husband's frozen sperm was stored. Since Mel was feeling the pull towards motherhood, and Jack was still reeling from becoming father to twins with his troublesome ex, Charmaine, Mel may have decided to go it alone. That cliffhanger led fans to speculate that Jack may not be the father of her child.

Now, Alexandra Breckinridge who plays Mel on the show is sharing her thoughts on that finale—and some concerns about the mental health of her character.

"[Mel] wants a baby so badly that she goes to the fertility clinic and gets inseminated with her dead husband's sperm," Breckenridge told E! News. "That's a huge thing for a person to go and do." For her part, Breckenridge thinks Mel's actions are understandable for someone under so much emotional pressure and believing she was never going to reunite with Jack. "I've been through a lot, and what I've noticed is that people who are under extreme emotional circumstances just aren't thinking clearly," Breckenridge told E! News.

Now that Mel and Jack did reunite, things are a bit awkward. Of course, this is old hat for Jack. Since this isn't the first time that the paternity of Jack's possible children has come into question. Back in season two, fans were suspicious about whether Jack was actually the father of the twins he was expecting with Charmaine. So he should be used to this by now, right? As for Breckenridge, she "really hope[s] that it's Jack's baby." 

While Netflix hasn't officially picked up Virgin River for season four, they can't leave fans hanging, can they?