It's a great move

By Meghan Overdeep
December 09, 2016
Women carry shopping bags on New Bond Street on December 14, 2009 in London, England.
| Credit: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

After a customer walked out with $500 worth of designer shoes and clothing, the owner of a Mountain Brook, Ala. store didn't get mad. He got even.

When the Crestline Pants Store held its annual Holiday Open House on Thursday, one woman left with way too good of a deal, according to co-owner John Gee.

Gee told the woman stole a pair of $150 shoes, a pair of $160 pants, and left with a purse full of other items they haven't yet been able to fully inventory. The suspected thief wore her new designer shoes and pants out of the store, and was even thoughtful enough to take her old clothes with her. She did, however, leave behind her bra.

So Gee posted surveillance footage of the woman on the store's Facebook page along with a hilarious message asking customers to help them locate the shoplifter. The prospect of a little public shaming along the way only sweetened the deal, he says.

"Hi, do you know me?" the post began before outlining the woman's various offenses. "Did you know Pants Store had 16 cameras watching me and caught it all on video??? I didn't either!"

"If we do catch these shoplifters, nothing usually happens to them other than it might be a bad day,'' Gee told "All we try to do is shame the hell out of them. We do it to let people know we're going to embarrass you, and to let people know you can't come into The Pants Store and steal."