Try not to smile.


Over the summer, Chris Newsome often found himself entertaining a particularly slimy guest at his Jacksonville, Alabama home. Every night, the same little toad hopped up onto his porch for a visit.

But Newsome didn't discover the amphibian's higher purpose until a friend contacted him and told him that his young son's frog had passed away. Newsome agreed to send a photo of his porch-sitting toad as a way to cheer the boy up, he told But he didn't stop there. He also fashioned the toad a tiny pink top hat out of foam paper. Along with this hat, Newsome also made him a miniscule monocle.

Toads with Hats Top Hat

"I decided to enter the world of toad millinery and help the little guy out. Foam paper seemed like a toad-friendly material," he wrote on Imgur, the site where he first posted the now-viral photos.

The toad seemed unphased by the little fashion show, so Newsome pressed on, adding a cowboy hat and a baseball cap to his wardrobe. The little guy happily modeled it all.

Toads with Hats Cowboy Hat

"Frogs aren't picky (about fashion)," he joked to

Toads with Hats Baseball Cap

Eventually the weather turned cold, and the toad stopped showing up on Newsome's porch. Because his friend's son had enjoyed the photos so much, he decided to share them with the world. Not surprisingly, the Internet ate it up.

"I just enjoy hearing that people are laughing," Newsome tells "That's the whole point."