She had no idea this was coming

Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring
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A traditional romantic proposal isn't exactly Daiwon McPherson's speed. So instead of dinner, candlelight and roses, he and his friends in the motorcycle community staged a fake arrest to ask his girlfriend of five years to marry him. You know, nothing too crazy.

"She knows my every move—I can never surprise her," McPherson, 33, told of his girlfriend, 28-year-old Shawna Blackmon.

So in an effort to throw her off, the Mobile, Ala. resident planned to make Blackmon mad, and then take her on a date to apologize.

"She always told me when I proposed to make sure she looked nice. She just got her hair done . . . her nails done," McPherson said. "Nobody will be expecting this tonight!"

But when McPherson failed to show up for dinner, Blackmon knew something was wrong. Through other members of McPherson's biker community, Blackmon found out that McPherson was being chased by Mobile police — and that he was armed.

Panicked, Blackmon went to a nearby gas station, where she found her boyfriend kneeling on the ground surrounded by friends and multiple police cars. Blackmon told police she was going to get the gun from him, and as she approached, McPherson pulled out a ring and proposed. Shocked, she said yes.

"It never crossed my mind . . . I had no idea," she told

It turns out that McPherson had talked to Mobile police earlier in the day to arrange the proposal. He says "they were all for it!"

"I really wanted to bring the bike life and the police together," he explained. He wanted the video to go viral so people could see a video of police working together with the community for a good cause. "I can't believe I actually pulled this off," he added.