Tim McGraw Shares Extreme '1883' Workout Schedule

His strict regimen calls for some very early mornings. 

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at 113 Premiere
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WIth Yellowstone season four having wrapped earlier this month and season five several still several months away, fans are relying on the show's prequel 1883 for their fill of Dutton drama. And with just four episodes left in the spinoff's first season, fans are in absolute awe of the incredible transformation country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have made as Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton's great great grandparents.

The prequel's plot follows the elder Duttons as they undertake a perilous wagon journey from West Texas to Montana, where they'll eventually found Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. For anyone who has seen the show, you know that McGraw's role is pretty physically demanding. In addition to spending hours on horseback, he also does plenty of shooting and other stunts for his rough-and-tumble character.

To prepare for the role, McGraw stopped at no costs to make sure he delivered both physically and mentally. In a press event held prior to the show's December premiere date, he shared details about his extreme preparation and commitment to the character.

"I'm sort of a gym rat," McGraw said. "I have to be in the gym every morning. The toughest part is being up at 3 in the morning every morning in order to make your call times. That's probably the hardest part of it, is getting up at 3, getting your workouts in. Because there's been a couple of days that I didn't do that, and the energy is not the same on set."

But McGraw's daily hour-and-a-half-long workouts aren't just about physical preparation, he revealed that they also serve another very important purpose.

"My workouts are sort of like my meditation in a lot of ways," he said. "That's the time when I go over my lines in my head, and I prepare for the day and try to be ready for what's going on. And I try to know everyone's lines in the show; that way I can sort of feel the moment and be in the moment."

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Now that's what we call dedication! New episodes of 1883 stream every Sunday on Paramount+.

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