This Nashville Singer Earned The Voice's First Four-Chair Turn Of The Season

Keep an eye on Morgan Myles!

The Voice - Season 22 Morgan Myles
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Remember the name Morgan Myles.

Myles, a singer from Nashville, became the first contestant of the season to get a four-chair turn on The Voice Monday. The 35-year-old's soulful rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" got judge Camila Cabello to turn her chair in just four seconds, with Gwen Stefani hot on her heels. Blake Shelton and John Legend joined the female judges within 40 seconds.

Legend told Myles that most performers shy away from the Cohen classic since it's intimidating. "It takes some cojones to come here and sing it with such confidence that we got to see your range and hear those piercing, beautiful notes," said Legend. "It was exquisite—one of the best blind auditions I have seen in a long time."

He then asked Myles what she was doing in Nashville.

"I've been touring," she responded. "I'm a demo singer for a lot of people, I even opened some festivals for Blake. It's been a long journey. It hasn't been easy."

According to American Songwriter, Myles has been working as an artist in Nashville for 16 years, playing 117 dates in nearly 50 states in 2021. She released her debut album, Therapy, in 2020.

"There were days I was just about to lose it but I've been very blessed because my parents have been my rock in a really, really hard industry," Myles told the judges. "So many Voice artists have made it. I hope I can use this platform to be a successful artist as well. I think the whole experience is going to be fun."

In the end, Myles decided to join Cabello's team. "She's a dream artist," the show's newest judge said.

Tune into The Voice on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 7 p.m. EST to watch her journey.

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