Great American Family Announces' Someday At Christmas,' Original Christmas Movie Starring Gladys Knight

The network’s buzziest new Christmas movie will also feature original music.

Gladys Knight
Photo: Great American Media

Mark your calendars for this one, folks! Last week, Great American Family announced an original Christmas movie starring Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene, and seven-time Grammy Award winner Gladys Knight. The film, Someday at Christmas, also reunites the "Empress of Soul" with former Motown chief and acclaimed writer-producer, Suzanne de Passe.

The film's synopsis teases a musical delight with a whole lot of soul. In Someday at Christmas, Holly Bose (Lowndes), a full-time sales clerk and part-time chorus girl, anxiously counts the number of auditions she has remaining before throwing in the towel on her five-year plan to become a Broadway star. Holly has several run-ins with jingle writer (and seasonal Santa), Jason Murphy (Greene). There's a spark, but it's complicated: Holly has her eye on the world's biggest stage and Jason is protective about bringing new relationships into his young daughter's life.

Enter wealthy real estate landlord, Cora Ross (Knight). Cora has seen the spark between Holly and Jason, and she is determined to bring them together in the town's annual "Holiday Lane Christmas Concert." In Holly, Cora has her aspiring lead, and in Jason, she has a jingle writer capable of writing a new Christmas classic. With Cora in charge, this off-Broadway show will have everyone falling in love with Christmas.

"As anticipation builds for year two of Great American Christmas, we are delighted to be working with the incomparable Gladys Knight who has inspired generations of fans by pushing musical boundaries with her numerous hit songs," Bill Abbott, President and CEO of Great American Media, said in a news release. "With high-caliber performances from Knight and the talented Jessica Lowndes and Paul Greene, Someday at Christmas is a truly magical Christmas movie steeped in original music that audiences will want to see again and again."

Production on Someday at Christmas began last week. The new film will be part of "Great American Christmas," the network's holiday programming franchise, and is set to premiere in November. "Great American Christmas" returns on October 21 with a new slate of original holiday movie premieres every Saturday and Sunday and Christmas movies all day and all night through the end of 2022.

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