Birmingham is the Star of This New House Flipping Show on A&E

“Flipping Down South” premieres Saturday, March 12. 

Flipping Down South
Photo: Courtesy of A&E

We love a good house flipping show. So, when we heard the latest addition to the growing genre is based in our home city of Birmingham, Alabama, our interest was doubly piqued.

Flipping Down South, premiering on A&E this Saturday, follows best friends and house flippers Paul Mielke and Cody Cummings as they attempt to revitalize Birmingham's forgotten neighborhoods one successful home makeover at a time.

According to the show's trailer, Mielke is the "creative whirlwind, finding and designing each house," while Cummings is the "money guy, making sure there's more cash coming in than going out." The pair is also joined by Matt Morgan, who heads up sales once the homes are ready to hit the market.

In addition to running a successful and profitable business, the pair has two main goals with each of their flips: to keep their final product affordable and to turn properties from eyesores into assets.

"We are both from very working-class roots and affordable homes mean the world to us," Mielke told Southern Living. "People deserve a premium product no matter what their budget is. Your house is your home base. It's where you recharge, it's where you love, it's where you eat, and it should be special."

But just because Mielke and Cummings work on a budget, (They try to keep listings around $200,000 and often buy properties for as little as $5,000) doesn't mean they sacrifice when it comes to design or amenities.

"A lot of our homes are post WWII homes, which means they are simple and were not built with tons of luxuries because of where we were economically," Mielke said. "I love going into a piece of our history and giving it the 2022 luxury working class people deserve! As far as design, my motto is "go for it" so we use a ton of color and unique finishes."

Flipping Down South

With the new show, Mielke and Cummings also hope to introduce viewers to side of the South they may not have considered before.

"One of the big elements of our pitch to the network was the desire to show the world a different version of what it's like to live in Birmingham, in Alabama, and in the South in general," Cummings said. "We have world class restaurants and breweries. Real estate is comparatively affordable. There are job opportunities and growth that isn't expected. We believe that Birmingham is a special place, so we wanted to the opportunity to showcase that on a national platform."

Of course, as with any good reality show—and especially one capturing all the ups and downs of home renovations—Flipping Down South has its fair share of drama. Cummings said the team is a "loud and aggressive, wild group of people who come from all types of backgrounds," which should definitely make for some good TV.

Mielke adds that though he and Cummings are best friends, they're "polar opposites," which accounts for plenty of "fire and ice type situations" on the show.

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"We all love each other very much," Cummings said of the team. "I think the chemistry of the team plays a big role [in the show]."

Season 1 of Flipping Down South, which will include five hour-long episodes, premieres on A&E Saturday, March 12 at 11 a.m. CST. We can't wait to see what these talented flippers and super-charming Southerners have in store for us!

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