Saints Owner Gives Best Response to Young Girl Who Applied for Head Coach Job

She may not have earned the position, but she certainly didn’t walk away empty-handed. 

Gayle Benson
Photo: Getty Images / Todd Kirkland

Following longtime coach Sean Payton's end-of-season departure, Saints Nation has been on the hunt for a new head coach. Their search ended with the promotion of defensive coordinator Dennis Allen on February 8, spelling disappointment for other candidates hoping for a crack at the job. One of those candidates was Izzy, a young Saints fan from Tennessee who threw her hat into the ring to be considered for the position.

Izzy's not the first football novice to seek employment with the Saints, though. In December, singer Harry Connick Jr. famously put in a plea to take over as quarterback after Drew Brees turned down the organization's call to leave retirement and reprise his role.

Unfortunately, Izzy went the way of fellow Saints die-hard Connick Jr. and did not end up on staff. However, she did end up with something almost as good. She received the most perfect rejection letter ever from Saints owner Gayle Benson. In addition to the personal letter from Benson explaining the organization's decision to hire Allen, Izzy also received a team photo and an official Saints football signed by the team.

Izzy's father, Twitter user @ssherma33, shared the sweet gesture on Twitter this Monday saying, "So my girl applied to be the next HC of the Saints when Sean Payton retired. Just got home from the parades this weekend and found an amazing surprise from the team! #whodat"

A photo of Izzy's "rejection" letter reveals that Coach Dennis Allen was already hired before the organization received Izzy's application, which explains why she didn't get the job. The full text reads:

"Dear Izzy,

Thank you for your letter regarding the head coach position. I am sorry we received this after we hired Coach Dennis Allen and you were not part of the interview process.

It was so nice to learn about your family.

Please be assured I will pass your letter on to Coach Allen and should we get an opening, I will let you know.

Keep up the good work on your grades. I am so proud of you for 100% on your Math report card.

Stay well, continue to work hard in school and always remember you can do anything you work for and set your mind to.

May you receive many continued blessings.

With kindest personal regards,

Gayle Benson


PS- I have enclosed a football and team photo for you and Zakk. See you at the games!"

In just three days, the post on Twitter has been liked almost 5,000 times and been retweeted more almost 800 times, including by hordes of approving Saints fans who are counting it as yet another reason to love Saints Nation.

Who dat, indeed!

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