Coach Nick Saban Proudly Shares His Hidden Talent

Ahem, fellas take note.

Nick Saban 2021 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
Photo: Kevin C. Cox / Staff/Getty

The University of Alabama's head football coach Nick Saban is known for many things. Winning football games, his love of Little Debbie cookies, loving Miss Terry, and did we mention winning football games? Those are just a few of the things the revered coach has developed a reputation for over the many years he's been in the public eye. However, when a reporter asked him what he thinks people should know about him, his answer was a complete surprise.

During a press conference, a reporter asked the coach a question about his legacy. "Coach if somebody did not know anything at all about Nick Saban, what would be the most important thing you would want them to know?" Now you would expect him to say something regarding Crimson Tide football and his long legacy at 'Bama where he has been the head coach since 2007. Instead, he revealed what may be the secret to his fifty-plus year marriage to Miss Terry.

In the clip, captured and shared on TikTok, St. Nick, as he's known, replied that the most important thing people should know about him is: "How well I clean house."

That's right, Saban doesn't shout-out his many, many, national college football championships, but instead he wants people to know about his ability to work his way down a honey-do list. He continued, "I've been cleaning house, you know, on vacation. I get a list everyday. I try to play golf in the morning. Miss Terry gives me a list when I get back and …run the sweeper, take out the garbage, Pledge the refrigerator. No one knows how well I do all those things."

Well, Coach now we know—and we love him even more for it. And let this be another lesson we can all learn from one of the greatest sports leaders of all time. Never be too big for your britches that you can't roll up your sleeves and pitch in on the dirty work.

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