Brave Georgia Fan Chugs 1980 National Championship Coca-Cola

Four decades of waiting will make you do crazy things!

Georgia fans were popping all sorts of bottles after the Bulldogs' National Championship win over Alabama Monday night.

For Dawgs who held onto the commemorative Georgia Bulldogs National Championship Coca-Cola bottles from 1980, not even a lack of carbonation could make their celebratory chugs fall flat.

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama
Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

After decades of promising to do so, brave UGA fans finally got the opportunity to drink their 41-year-old bottles of Coke. One of them, 57-year-old Wesley Mullins of Savannah, shared a video of himself chugging the vintage beverage on Twitter.

"Go Dawgs, baby!" he said after downing the entire bottle.

UGAWire's Joe Vitale followed up with Mullins the next day to see how the ancient Coco-Cola was treating him.

"It tasted OK, just flat as you know what," he said. "I feel like crap. … I think that was from the bourbon not the 1980 Coke."

When Vitale commented on Mullins' bravery, the battle-hardened Bulldogs fan replied with humility.

"Bourbon will make you do that," he explained. "Plus, over 40 years of waiting."

The things we do for football!

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