20 Rainy Day Activities to Enjoy at Home

Who's up for a mix of fun and productivity?

There are few things worse than waking up excited for a weekend full of activities outside only to realize that the forecast calls for rain all day. And in the South, a muggy summer day in the rain is no fun for anyone involved. Rain on top of unbearable humidity equals frizzy hair and sweat. No, thank you. We've brainstormed a list of rainy day activities so the next time you're stuck inside with the kids, or by yourself, and you don't have anything planned, you can pull up this list for inspiration. While they may be an initial buzz kill, rainy days don't have to be a total bust. There are still plenty of fun rainy day activities to enjoy inside without spending hours on social media or flicking through the channels on your TV. This list includes rainy day activities for toddlers and rainy day activities for kids as well, so there won't be any complaints when Little Susie's playdate in the park is inevitably postponed. Remember: Sometimes a bit of imagination is the best solution when you're in a pinch for entertainment!

Rainy Day Activities
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One positive aspect of a rainy day is that it forces you to accomplish some of the tasks that you might have been avoiding. Although we didn't include these activities in our list below, cleaning several loads of laundry, reading a good book with a candle lit and the lights turned low, or catching up on some much-needed rest, are all good adult options. If you've got little ones to entertain, the best solution is offering them a few options and letting them choose one of the activities, then you could choose the next activity for the afternoon. While some of these ideas may require supplies or a bit of planning, others are ones that you could easily accomplish in the spur of the moment. Without further ado, explore this list of fun rainy day activities so you're never caught bored at home.

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Check Off Everything on Your To-Do List

Check Off Everything on Your To-Do List
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If you have a list of chores that you've been meaning to accomplish around the house, slowly check them off in between solving a puzzle or reading a chapter of your favorite book.

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Take a Bubble Bath

Take a Bubble Bath - Rainy Day Activities
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This activity can be enjoyed at any age. If you've got little girls in the house, treat them to a "spa" experience by setting up a few tea candles and putting their hair in one of your over-sized scrunchies. Don't forget the bathrobe!

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Make Indoor S'mores

Make Indoor S’mores - Rainy Day Activities
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S'mores are a tasty treat that kids and adults love. Make S'mores in your oven by laying down a graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow on a parchment lined baking sheet. Turn on your oven to broil and watch the marshmallow as it gets to your desired toast consistency. Add the top graham cracker after pulling it out of the oven, and you have yourself a tasty afternoon treat!

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Play Hide and Seek

Play Hide and Seek - Rainy Day Activities
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This classic game never gets old. Who cares about the dreary weather when you can enjoy giggles and squeals of excitement as the kids team up to find you.

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Organize a Movie Marathon

Organize a Movie Marathon - Rainy Day Activities
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Sometimes a rainy day just calls for a movie. Whether it's your favorite series that you've watched time and time again, or a new thriller, pass the time quickly by getting sucked into an exciting plotline.

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Take Turns Inventing Games

Take Turns Inventing Games - Rainy Day Activities
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Babysitters, listen up! Keep the kids occupied for hours by letting them take turns making up games. You can monitor so the games aren't too far out of the ordinary, and you'll be in charge of keeping track of the rules. You could even write down the rules on a piece of paper so the kids remember the game for the next time there's a rainy day.

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Create a New Playlist

Create a New Playlist - Rainy Day Activities
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If your current playlist selection is missing one that matches your mood for a rainy day, take the time to choose some of your favorite chill, laid-back songs. The next time it rains Alexa will be ready to cue up your "Rainy Day" playlist.

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Create a Treasure Hunt

Create a Treasure Hunt - Rainy Day Activities
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Keep the little ones occupied by setting up a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for them. Hide envelopes around the house with clues inside and a description leading to the next clue. Once they find the final clue, offer them candy, coins for their piggy bank, or a trip to the movies.

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Have a Board Game Championship Bracket

Have a Board Game Championship Bracket - Rainy Day Activities
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Choose your favorite board game or card game and call up a few friends. Organize a bracket where you play via one-on-one or group elimination until there are only two people left facing off. If your board game doesn't allow for two players, you could always play a go-to, two-player game like "War."

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Clean Out Your Closet

Clean Out Your Closet - Rainy Day Activities
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Sometimes it takes being stuck inside your own home to get to those tasks that you've put off for too long. If you exhausted the other adult options on this list, look through your closet and assess if there are any items that you can part with.

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Repot Your Plants

Repot Your Plants - Rainy Day Activities
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Those houseplants that you bought with well intentions could probably use a little TLC. Repot them with fresh soil and give them a long drink of water so they don't feel left out of the rain shower.

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Try a New Craft

Try a New Craft - Rainy Day Activities
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Hoping to pick up a new hobby but haven't landed on a particular one? Try out a few crafts while you're stuck inside on a rainy day. Whether it's knitting, crocheting, or painting, any activity that makes you feel relaxed and entertained counts!

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Play Eye Spy

Play Eye Spy - Rainy Day Activities
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Just because you can't go outdoors doesn't mean the possibilities for Eye Spy have ended. Let the kids take turns calling out colors. You could even alternate rooms until you've exhausted every possibility in your home.

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Host a Tea Party

Host a Tea Party - Rainy Day Activities
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Whether you're hosting with a few friends who live down the street, or the kids' stuffed animals, tea time is always enjoyable – especially when it's a cozy escape from a cold, rainy day.

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Try a New Recipe

Try a New Recipe - Rainy Day Activities
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They say there's no time like the present, so why not bust into one of Nana's recipe boxes to read about the goodies she loved to bake? You might even find your new favorite dish hidden on those well-love recipe cards.

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Play Dress Up

Play Dress Up - Rainy Day Activities
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Play princesses and knights with your little ones, or dress up like its career day. You could also raid your closet for vintage clothes, and let your kids put on a fashion show for you.

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Have a Spa Day

Have a Spa Day - Rainy Day Activities
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Unwind from the past week on a day when you won't feel guilty for treating yourself. Whether you do a face mask, hair mask, paint your nails, or bust into that new massager gun that your husband got for Christmas, take a little time to yourself.

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Set Up a Sensory Pit

Set Up a Sensory Pit - Rainy Day Activities
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For all the mamas with itty bitty babes, set up a sensory pit full of their favorite toys. You could even place it in a central location so that you can keep a close eye on them while you get a few chores done around the house.

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Build a Fort

Build a Fort - Rainy Day Activities
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Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned pillow fort? Even if it's just you and your significant other, channel your inner child with a simple activity. You could even host a movie or TV marathon inside your fort.

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Try a Puzzle

Try a Puzzle - Rainy Day Activities
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Challenge your brain to a bit of relaxed fun. A puzzle can take hours or minutes, depending on the number of pieces, and it's a great activity to get your eyes away from a screen.

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