Mama Duck Hatches Ducklings In Courtyard Of Florida Maternity Ward

The expectant mother chose the perfect location when it was time to add to her growing family.

Mother leading baby ducks across a road
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After receiving excellent care, a new mom took her leave from a Florida hospital's labor and delivery unit. The Southern mama waddled out with 10 babies, which may seem unusual if not for the fact that the mom in discussion is a duck who found herself in just the right place when it was time to hatch her ducklings.

Earlier in 2022, a duck flew into the enclosed courtyard of Baptist Medical Center Beaches in Jacksonville, Florida, which happens to be located right outside the hospital's labor and delivery unit. The smart mom made her nest and laid eggs in the courtyard, keeping her babies far away from outside predators. However, after welcoming her ducklings into the world, she found herself a bit "weighed down" by her new additions. Her ducklings wouldn't be able to fly for another five to eight weeks, so a direct flight out was out of the question.

So, just like the thousands of other moms who have welcomed new life into the world at Beaches OBGYN, this mama had to use the front door. Luckily, hospital staff was on hand to escort the VIP patient and her brood out of the building. Nurse manager, Sam, and lactation consultant, Loretta, put on their animal-wrangling hats for the day and used posters to gently guide the duck and her ducklings through the unit's halls and back into the wild.

"We're still 'quacking' up over this sweet story," OBGYN Beaches captioned a video of the unlikely event on Facebook. "Congrats, Mama! We'll see you in six weeks for your follow-up."

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If there's anything this adorable fiasco has taught us, it's that a mother's intuition is an incredible force, and Mother Nature always knows best!

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