Custom Wheelchair Helps Special-Needs Opossum Walk Again

Kewpie has lived at Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center in London, Kentucky, since he was a baby.

Kewpie Opossum Wheelchair
Photo: Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center

A special snub-nosed opossum named Kewpie is relearning how to walk thanks to a fancy new set of wheels.

Kewpie was rescued as a baby by Tonya Poindexter, founder of Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center in London, Kentucky. Kewpie, who suffers from dwarfism, was born with a shorter left hind leg, which made it difficult for him to walk. He also lost an eye in a cat attack.

As Kewpie grew, the scope of his disabilities became more and more apparent. Recently he lost the use his back legs, which led to a diagnosis of osteoporosis and scoliosis. Determined to help him live out his days in relative comfort, Poindexter reached out to Walkin' Pets about a custom wheelchair.

This month Kewpie became the proud recipient of the company's first-ever possum wheelchair. The tiny cart gives him the support he needs to stand up and walk on his own.

"Kewpie is still learning how his new wheels work for him." Poindexter said in a news release. "He seems to be figuring out it's easier than dragging himself across the floor, and he's a 'Mr. Independent' so holding him and carrying him is alright to him a little, but he likes to go on his own adventures. He still has a lot to figure out about his new transportation, but he seems to already be getting the hang of it. He knows that he can get to places much faster and without as much effort."

"Has his dignity again," she added. He's still learning, but he's so happy!"

Now at two years old, Kewpie is nearing the end of his life. He works with Poindexter as an educational ambassador, traveling to schools and meeting children.

"He is the most popular and loved ambassador that I have," she wrote on Facebook.

Go Kewpie, go!

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