This Kentucky Farm's Highland Cow Baby Boom is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Udderly adorable!

Close-Up Of A Scottish Galloway Calf
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It's common knowledge that baby animals are God's gift to the world. Having a bad day? Look at a picture of puppies or kittens, and your mood is almost guaranteed to turn right around. Bonus points if you get to cuddle one. But if you think puppies, kittens, or even bunnies are cute, they've got nothing on the ridiculously adorable existence of the Highland cow.

Known as the gentle giants of Scotland, Highland cows are a distinct breed of cattle known for their incredible, fluffy woolen coats and long, curved horns. The adults are a majestic sight to behold, but the babies are truly something else.

Getting to see one in real life would likely rank in your top five for most adorable experiences ever. And if you live near Shelby County, Kentucky, you're in luck! At TC Highlands Farm in Pleasureville, there are plenty of baby Highland cows to go around thanks to a baby boom at the farm this spring. If you can't visit in person, we recommend perusing their Facebook page for a dose of serotonin.

The farm is home to a herd of cows that includes one bull and 15 heifers of all shapes, sizes, and colors. This year, nine of those 15 heifers are calving, including four that have already given birth.

One was even born this Tuesday. Two more, little ladies named Lotta and Lady Dutchess, were born earlier this spring.

For those interested in meeting these fluffy friends, the farm hosts regular visits where you can get up close and personal with the gentle giants and their tiny new additions. You can pet, brush, and even hug a cow. If that's not enough, check out a special Painting with the Cows day, where you can unleash your inner artist and learn to paint a custom portrait of your favorite cow. TC Highlands breeds the heritage cows mostly for fun and to sell them as breeding stock or for pets.

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Upcoming visit dates include this Sunday, March 20 and April 16, as well as April 23 for a cow painting day. If you live in Kentucky and aren't planning a road trip to see these adorable creatures, well what are you waiting for?

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