Corolla Wild Horse Fund Welcomes First Foal of the Season

World, meet Charlie!

Corolla Wild Horse Charlie
Photo: Corolla Wild Horse Fund/Facebook

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Spring on the Outer Banks means plenty of cute new additions to North Carolina's most famous herd of wild horses. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF) revealed on Facebook this week that the Corolla herd has welcomed its first foal of the year: a sweet male colt named Charlie. (Caretakers are using "C" names this year.)

"Welcome to the world, baby number one," the nonprofit wrote alongside photos of the fluffy, brown youngster with his mama.

The post included a reminder to visitors to give these beautiful creatures plenty of space.

"Please remember to give mares and foals plenty of space," the post pleads. "We really cannot stress this enough. It's imperative that they have time to bond with each other, and stress can cause all kinds of issues with both mom and foal. If you are lucky enough to see them, please be respectful and responsible."

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According to the Wild Horse Ordinance of Currituck County, feeding the wild horses or getting within 50 feet of them is punishable by law. Cruelty, enticing, harboring, luring, seizing, and failure to report injury are also illegal, among numerous other offenses.

Remember, wild horses are above all, wild. They rely on each other and their instincts to keep them safe, and most have limited interaction with people. Even their dedicated human caretakers know the best approach is a hands-off one, preferring to let them fend for themselves, just as they have for centuries.

For more information on the horses and how to visit the area responsibly, visit

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