Animal Sanctuary Names Baby Donkey After Betty White to Honor Her Years of Support

The foal has quite the reputation to uphold!

After her death on December 31, Betty White fans across the country have been searching for ways to honor the actress and cultural icon's unmatched sense of humor and larger-than-life personality.

Her hometown declared January 17, 2022—which would have been her 100th birthday—Betty White Day. Pink's Hot Dogs in Los Angeles will continue selling their famous Betty White hot dog in her honor. The city of New Orleans has planned a memorial procession and parade on January 16. Hallmark Channel will air a Betty White viewing marathon for her birthday, and her nationwide 100th birthday documentary screening will continue as a tribute and celebration of her life.

Betty White with goats
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But perhaps one of the best ways fans are remembering the star is by donating to a cause that was near and dear to her heart: animals. The #BettyWhiteChallenge encourages everyone to donate to an animal charity, shelter, or rescue of any kind for White's centennial.

While Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore fans across the globe find new ways to keep White's spirit alive, an animal sanctuary in Texas is honoring her memory in its own very special way. Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in San Angelo, Texas, a nonprofit that White supported since 2006, named its most recent baby donkey after the star.

According to a Facebook post announcing the newborn, Betty White-Ludden, or just Betty for short, was born on Christmas Day, but she didn't receive her name until New Year's Eve, the same day White died.

"Betty White was a tremendous voice for animals both her in the U.S. and around the world," the post said.

In addition to naming the jennet after White, Peaceful Valley is also naming its newly constructed nursery after their loyal supporter.

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Something tells us White would have been absolutely tickled by this news. She'd probably have a wickedly funny and slightly off-kilter joke about it, too. We miss you already, Betty!

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