Get a Taste of Stars Hollow with the Official 'Gilmore Girls' Cookbook, Out Soon

From Sookie’s risotto to Luke’s famous cheeseburger, every fan-favorite dish is accounted for in the forthcoming book. 

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Gilmore Girls Season 3
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Fans of Gilmore Girls know the only thing more iconic than Lorelai and Rory's fast-talking banter and heartwarming relationship was their incredible appetites. Over seven seasons (and one Year in the Life miniseries), we got to know Stars Hollow and its colorful characters often through the food they shared with our favorite mother-daughter duo.

When Lorelai and Rory weren't downing Pop-Tarts, Red Vines, and donuts at home, they were fueling up at Al's Pancake World, begging for one more cup of coffee at Luke's Diner, or trolling Sookie's kitchen at the Dragonfly Inn for scraps.

Gilmore Girls: The Official Cookbook features more than 50 recipes from everyone who kept Lorelai and Rory fed over the years. There's something for everyone, from lobster puffs served at Richard and Emily's infamous Friday night dinners to healthy flaxseed muffins created by none other than Mrs. Kim.

The new cookbook, out April 26 but available for pre-order on Amazon today, is a shot of pure nostalgia. Every recipe is an Easter egg to a famous Gilmore Girls moment. Lorelai's giant birthday pizza, Jackson's suggestion for blueberry shortcake, Sookie's famous risotto and scones—they're all there. There's even a recipe for the adorable Santa burger Luke made to cheer up Lorelai way back in Season 1.

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In addition to the recipes and accompanying full-page food photos, the book is sprinkled with snapshots from the show, so you can reach peak nostalgia while reminiscing on your favorite Stars Hollow memories. There are even etiquette notes from Emily, hosting tips from Michele, and cooking hacks from Sookie.

With two months until the cookbook's release, there's just enough time to start planning the ultimate Gilmore Girls watch party. We're stocking up on our ice cream, potato chips, and Mallomars now!

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